domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

Darkeye!! I just don´t have the words to describe The Masked Protector in person

Here we have The Original Dark Guardian, the one who started it all, the main event and superstar of this group,here you have it:
As he first appeared in the Talent House Creative Invite-Create a superhero for the Stan Lee foundation and Todd McFarlane

And here it is, his current design!
The story and origin and origin of Darkeye will be revealed soon enough!

segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

Officer of Death Unveiled!!

The origin of the cruel and ruthless member of the Dark Guardians has arrived along with his first sketch.I´m looking for reviews, opinions, advises and comments. This intruduces how the S.WA.T. agent became the severe and bitter killing machine whose frustation in life drag him to protect the others:

Michael Reagan is a former Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) agent who got tired of the corruption the New York Police was moving into and specially, he got tired of orders. So he quit his job and began working alone, in the shadows, as a masked vigilante. His hate for the police leaves him in a fine line between good and evil. For most(or entirely all) heroes and vigilantes, that line consists on killing or not killing the villains, following or not following the laws and rules of society in crime-fighting, but for the Officer of Death, it´s just about killing or not killing cops, being at the crime scene or others who chase him.

A very dramatic level of corruption in New York Police was reached when the S.W.A.T. team he belonged, began to sabotage other special police teams in charge of criminals with a lot of money .Corruption really began when the team bought a headquarters with dirty money, which may hold ammunition and weapons but it became a house of evil, with drugs, alcohol and other things rejected by the Bible and laws. It was by that time Michael Reagan decided to create a suit of his own and fight crime and injustice on his own. His first mission was to kill every man and woman in that team. In the chill of the night, he saved a woman and her two children from being raped by a psycho, but he killed him. Following that night, the news were all about that occurrence and Officer of Death was not known by saving but by killing and in civilians, politicians and other cops ‘eyes , those were all innocent people he killed. But it was a fact that something was happening. When Officer of Death was caught punishing killers in a street alley, people quickly saw that it was the same person from the other night. So, that day, a legend and myth were born: Officer of Death, because there´s no other name to give a man like him, a man who wants order and helps others but he will do that by murdering and destroying the laws as we know them, the very same thing he is trying to stop.
The New York district attorney is a corrupt middle-aged politician who controls some gangs in Manhattan. He wants to control the police and it´s special teams to achieve his goal: put New York into a chaotic state of anarchy and in following, the U.S.A. finishing with the whole world at his feet. The name is David “The Dave” King and for now his biggest objective is to make the Officer of Death look like the real villain in the world by controlling at least half of the media. This is something that could not be fought with strength or guns but by showing the world he will be always there to save it, something thing that is hard to believe due to his violent actions.
The Mayor of New York likes to call him Shadows because his actions leave everybody´s mind to think he could be everywhere at once and there are still others who like to call him Hunter because he is the hunter of crime in one of the biggest urban jungles.
His abilities are tactical expert; highly trained in armed and unarmed combat being an expert in handling all types of weaponry and hand-to-hand combat; training in escapology to criminology, fencing, stealth, disguise, peak athletic strength; detective skills, demolitions expert and his acrobatic abilities are almost Olympic equivalent. His abilities also include an I.Q. of 139 which helps a lot and one of the world´s best leadership skills which have never been used in his job as a S.W.A.T. agent, proving his discontent about orders also showing his aggressive temperament. He can also fly a helicopter; he learned this in his S.W.A.T. training. His resources include a device rarely noticed on his left ear which reproduces police alerts and conversations. One of his resources is also an unlimited entrance in a S.WA.T. base which holds all types of weapons and ammunition. He has this unlimited pass because there´s still one man in the police he trusts and that man knows and agrees with his job as a masked crime fighter.
His suit is not bulletproof but almost knife proof. It possesses little magazines which are destined to be opened with the purpose of getting smoke out of there, to help his escape.
He uses a car for his “heroic actions”, to pursue, to get to the scene of the crime fast, to patrol the streets or even to run from the police or in more rare cases, to run faster from villains. He likes to call his car The Renegade by the time he went out of his desire to kill cops; the car was called The Warrior. Besides the district attorney calling it Predatormobile.
But his crusade is just about to start………Bigger journeys are yet to come!

quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

Agressive Expansion!/pages/The-Dark-Guardians/193811660657652   
Follow The Dark Guardians now on Facebook,the facebook page already has some sketches featuring the Guardians, most likely Darkeye, the first one therefore,the one who started everything and Incorporated himself!!
´Nuff Said!!!

terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011

He is coming....................

Testify one of the first steps of Incorporated!!!One of the big guns in the Dark Guardians and the only one who didn´t joined their team known as The ........................................, the name will only be showed when all the Guardians  were intrudeced.
So, here you have the first online drawing of the motorcycle of the isolated super-hero The Incorporated.

´Nuff Said!!!

sábado, 26 de março de 2011

Cyclops - The Man Who...............................

I ask everybody to vote for the name of a work outside The Dark Guardians, it´s a graphic novel of a member of the X-Men, Cyclops that has as a goal put the character in a narrative whre he stays grateful for his rays instead of his feor of not being able to control them.The narrative could take action in a alternative reality/dimension or not.
´Nuff Said!!!

Welcome to the Big New Generation of Superheroes

Welcome everybody.In this blog I will talk about The Newest Generation of Superheroes as I had mentioned earlier, a group that I like to call Dark Guardians.Also feuturingfeature some supervillains who though few in number, are demonic and  psychopath and base their actions on revenge, frustration or even selfishness.
I gave the name Dark Guardians to this new group of superheroes because there was nothing that represent´s them so well, they want to do good but by violent ways and they have agressive and mysterious personalities , having only 2 of them a "No-Killing" rule and still later they´ll find themselves obliged to break it.
Some are being finished and others are still on construction.The first one to be officially released will be Officer of Death,Incorporated or Darkeye:The Hooded Protector.

´Nuff Said!!!